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If you are considering a degree in finance, chances are you have a great love for crunching numbers and are looking to help business professionals succeed. Finance Student StudyingIt is no secret that finance is one of the most sought-after business careers. As long as banks and business are up and running, there will be a need for financial experts. Pursuing a degree in finance will open the door to a vast number of opportunities within a wide array of industries.

Financial degrees range from associate to doctorate, but most positions require at least a bachelor's degree. It typically takes three to four years to complete a bachelor's degree in finance. Students can enroll in classes at a college, university, business school, or earn a finance degree online.

Finance Degree Courses
While studying for your financial degree, courses in business, computers, economics, and mathematics will be completed. Because your career will be focused on the finances of businesses or banks, these courses will provide a necessary foundation of general knowledge. Studying how other successful businesses are run will provide you with an understanding of how to handle business finances.

Some courses you may take while studying for a degree in finance include:
- Accounting
- Marketing
- Small Business Management
- Business Law
- Portfolio Management
- Economics
- Calculus
- Financial Management

Careers in Finance
A degree in finance will give you many career options. Just about every business or financial institution is in need of a person with financial knowledge. You will be serving under the decision makers of a company or organization to ensure they make the right financial decisions. If you prefer to work independently, you might consider starting up your own financial consulting firm or an agency that specializes in financial planning.

Career opportunities in the world of finance include:

1. Financial Planning Financial planners assist others in planning their financial futures. They have a strong understanding of taxes, investments, and estate planning. Those interested in this career have excellent communication skills and are wonderful listeners. You will typically work one-on-one with clients.

2. Investment Banking With investment banking, financial professionals will work with businesses or governments to buy, sell, or trade securities. They may also manage financial assets or provide advice.

3. Money Management - Those who choose this career will be advising individuals or institutions about the buying, trading, and selling of securities. Essentially, they are helping these individuals manage their money.

4. Financial Analyst Financial analysts will examine the history of an individual's or company's financial position. This includes their financial history, risk, current expenses, and investments. They are then able to give financial advice based on these factors.

5. Corporate Finance In this field, financial professionals work with companies to plan their financial future, locate the funds to run the business, help the company to grow, and manage any cash and short-term funds that are available. You may either work for a large, multinational corporation, or a small firm.

Pursuing a degree in finance is a wise decision. A career in financing will always be in demand. If you enjoy working with numbers and helping others find financial success, this could be the perfect career choice.

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